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Emissions Measurement

Emissions Measurement

EF&EE has the equipment and the expertise to carry out credible, independent emission measurements on nearly anything that moves.  Our standard RAVEM™ system measures particulate as well as gaseous emissions, and can be adapted to measure emissions of just about any pollutant from just about any engine-powered vehicle—from cars and trucks to locomotives and ships.  And if the standard configuration won't meet your testing needs, we can develop a special configuration that will!  

In addition to transient measurements using our RAVEM™ system, EF&EE can perform steady-state emission measurements on generators, locomotives, and marine vessels in accordance with ISO 8178 and/or U.S. EPA 40 CFR 1065.  EF&EE test results have been accepted for emissions certification purposes by the California Air Resources Board.  

Cost-effective-- Our charges for emission testing are typically about $6,000 to $7,000 per day of actual emission measurement in the field. This is about half the cost of most dynamometer emission-test facilities. This cost includes protocol development, planning, travel to and from the site, emission testing, data analysis, and preparation of an engineering report. 

One day of emission testing is generally enough for setup and 8-12 emission tests on a single vehicle (enough to characterize its emissions in a variety of test conditions), or 3 tests on each of 2 vehicles (sufficient to characterize their emissions for comparative purposes).