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Emissions Consulting

Engine, Fuel, and Emissions Engineering offers consulting services for the measurement and control of air-pollutant emissions from motor vehicles and other mobile sources, as well as conventional and alternative fuels and air-quality issues worldwide. 

Since its founding in 1990, EF&EE has earned a reputation for innovative work in mobile-source pollution control. In a series of projects for the World Bank, EF&EE staff literally wrote the book on strategies for controlling motor-vehicle emissions in developing countries. We have helped apply these strategies in cities from Bangkok to Buenos Aires.  

In the United State, our professional staff has played important roles in the phase-out of leaded gasoline, development and re-evaluation of present diesel emission-control strategies, development of technologies and emission regulations for natural-gas vehicles, and development of innovative portable emission-measurement systems (PEMS) for on-board measurement of mobile-source emissions. 

EF&EE offers experience and qualifications in:

  • Design and evaluation of air-quality management and mobile-source emission-control programs in both industrialized and newly industrializing nations
  • Emission measurements, control technology, and regulations for trucks, buses, railway locomotives, and other heavy-duty diesel vehicles
  • Emission-control technology and regulations for small engines used in motorcycles and utility equipment; natural gas, ethanol, and other alternative “clean” fuels for vehicles
  • Gasoline and diesel-fuel formulation and emissions effects, mobile-source emission measurements, emission factors, emission-factor models such as MOBILE6 and PART5, and emission-inventory development
  • Vehicle inspection and maintenance, and other programs for controlling in-use emissions from both gasoline and diesel vehicles
  • Air-quality monitoring and measurement systems, including measurement and characterization of fine particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5)
  • Environmental economics, cost-effectiveness, and policy analysis

Contact EF&EE today for case studies and examples of our extensive work in:

  • Mobile-Source Emissions Measurement
  • Heavy-Duty Engine Emissions Control
  • Mobile Source Emissions and Air Quality in Developing Countries 

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