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June, 2014 – Ultra-low NOx in a Biogas Engine

EF&EE has completed a successful demonstration of ultra-low NOx emissions using Compact SCR™ in a lean-burn biogas engine.  The goal of the demonstration was to meet the California Air Resources Board emissions standard of 0.07 pounds of NOx per megawatt-hour for distributed generation systems.  The Compact SCR™ system was installed on a Guascor SFGLD 480 engine at the Joseph Gallo Cheese Company plant near Atwater, CA.  Source testing after 900 hours of operation showed NOx emissions of 0.028 pounds per megawatt-hour, equivalent to less than 0.01 grams per BHP-hr.  The demonstration was funded by the Technology Advancement Program of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, and the full report (PDF) is available on the District’s web site here.

EF&EE has received an order for an advanced Compact SCR™ system for a 1000 kW natural-gas reciprocating engine to be installed in the new cogeneration system for an agro-industrial plant in Elk Grove, CA. This will be the first reciprocating engine SCR system designed to meet the California distributed generation standard of 0.07 pounds of NOx per megawatt-hour. The 0.07 lb/MWh standard is beyond current BACT and is not required for air-quality permitting. It is required for a natural-gas cogeneration system to qualify for the Self-Generation Incentive Program, and for sale of excess power to SMUD. An air-quality permit based on present BACT has already been issued by the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District.